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#1For Adult Weighted XS-XXXXL

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Our Hoops are NOT bulky. NOT Polypro (although we love Poly) it is not our focus at this time.

MOST of our hoops are heavier to allow a relaxed, exercise momentum without exhausting yourself!

*All hoops (EXCEPT 5/8 HALO HOOPS) come in 3/4 inch 100, 160, or 200 PSI

Our tapes come in 3 different pricing options: Padded, Demo or Decorative

HOH uses the highest quality of tapes to minimize shredding.

HOH does NOT use duct or electrical tape unless requested.


MELODY HOOPS (3/4in) = Include Sound. Weight depends on ingredient. Water, Rice, Beads or Sand

for those who enjoy more of a sensory and relaxing meditative experience.

Aprox. weight 1-2 lbs> Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced>For seniors, adults, teens, children

MOON HOOPS (3/4in)= Weighted Exercise Hoop

Used for stretching & on-body waist exercise, dance, meditation.

Includes ADDED weight externally, internally or both.

Effective for larger body types. No Sound. No Water.  

Aprox. weight 2-3 lbs>Beginner, Intermediate>For adults or teens with larger body types.

MOVEMENT HOOPS(3/4in) = Original Exercise Hoop

Used for off-body & on-body exercise, stretching, dance, meditation & tricks, hands, arms & legs.

Aprox. weight 1lbs> Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced>For seniors, adults, teens, children.

STAR MINI HOOPS (3/4in) = Hand Hoops

Our Smallest Handheld Hoop (Set of Two)

These mini's are designed to keep the hands, elbows, arms & shoulders busy. 

Available with or without sound or weight. Excellent addition to your Moon, Melody or Movement Hoop.

Allow our weighted star mini's to compliment your waist workout with upper body strength building!

HALO HOOPS (5/8in) = Trick Hoop

Our thinnest and lightest hoop. Used for off-body & on-body exercise, stretching, dance, meditation & tricks, hands, arms & legs

Intermediate, Advanced level on-body. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced off-body


$15 0ff Packages


15% 0ff Private Lessons


HOH offers FOUR different categories of handmade fitness & exercise hoops & uses the most durable materials including the highest quality tapes with the least amount of shredding! 

Our hoops range from aprox. 1-2 lbs are  3/4 inch thickness in 100, 160 & 200 PSI.

They are NOT bulky and they are NOT poly pro. Only the musical MELODY HOOPS include sound. Only the MOON HOOPS include an external or internal weight or both depending on the buyers preference!

HOH uses four different methods to add weight.

Added internal or external weight supports (mainly adults) in maintaining momentum, not overly exhausting themselves and achieving a successful work out.

We offer BULK orders for businesses & their employess, schools camps, churches, rec. centers, treatment centers, jails, government agencies, & more.



Typically range from 1 to 4 hours depending on the event, group sizes, routines desires, and material covered

Beginner DVD/USB



Our DVD was used in the FIRST scientific study of weighted hoop exercise


Our Materials

Demo Tape versus

Deco Tape


What Size, Sound, Weight Hoop is Right for You?

Receive EXPERT advice

By Appointment Only



If you are not sure what size or weight hoop you need, the average person generally uses a hoop that measures about an inch or two above the belly button. If you are having difficulty keeping it going, you should select a larger hoop. A first time user will many times start with a larger hoop and progress towards a lighter, smaller hoop as their skill levels improve.


Keep in mind: Bigger hoops move slower, so they give you more time to coordinate your movment. Smaller hoops require more effort because you have to move faster to keep them going.This can provide more of a workout but it can also be more challenging when learning new moves.Weighted hoops create more inertia, which is a fancy word to describe that once you spin the hoop around your body, it will be easier to keep it going. In other words . . . the bigger the hoop, the heavier the hoop, the faster you move, the easier it will be to go around your body.


If you find the hoop too cumbersome, it's too big and you need to go down one size.

*Hoop Consultations FREE 



Join Mary Pulack  in this learn the basics and more, DVD. You will learn the newest fitness trend sweeping the country! 

This DVD includes two main components.


  1. Learn step by step instruction on a variety of beginning basic hoop skills, while blending them with exercise movements, and tips on improving your hoopng work-out.

  2. Follow along with a 25 minute low-impact, high energy basic hoop fitness work-out. The exercises focus on building core strength, toning and sculpting muscles, while burning hundreds of calories. What more can you ask for? Lets learn the moves, get fit, and have fun!



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