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Why are HOH hoops only sold in packages & not by themselves, unless won in a giveaway?

Melody identifies a gap in hoop services between the product & proper instruction & education in order to prevent any injuries.  We want your hoop to feel like a soft hug wrapping around your body, not something that is banging into you. If you have a sensitive UBP I would start with a lighter hoop in the 100 psi category. 

HOOP TIP: Wear e thick sweatshirt or fur/padded vest to help protect abdomen & hips.



HOH offers FOUR different categories of handmade fitness & exercise hoops & uses the most durable materials including the highest quality tapes with the least amount of shredding! 




Other hoop makers use only one method of weight (we use 3) and tell hoopers that using a 200psi is basically taboo, it’s too heavy and can cause bruising (we use 100, 160 @ 200 psi). HOH recognizes that although 200 psi hula hoops can have the ability to cause bruising, so can 160 psi, and so can 100 psi, and so can 80 psi, and 60 psi.  Which is why HOH only partially agrees with the above statement, here is why.

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