*Dedicated to developmentally delayed/sensory kiddos, may this be your new favorite activity!

*Orders over $50=free shipping!

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This is a collapsible travel hoop.

~Musical with internal added shells, light weight/ clicky, shaker sound.

This hoop is truly the first of its kind!

Includes unevenly distributed weight.

Intended for anyone who wants a more sensory experience, you can dance & exercise or meditate as the sound compliments your favorite tunes. As your body rotates, so does the sound! The  internal added weight ingredient allows for a slower rotation and the grip tape helps cling to clothes!


The tape is from our DECO-Posh collection. This decorative tape is paired with one grip tape color.

Choose grip tape color below, the deco color is dealer's choice unless specified.

*Email us color choice, must include your order number & tape color from GRIP & DECO COLLECTION add one other color as a back-up!


Please Note:

The collapsible hoop sound is not a constant 2 beat, cha-cha, sound like the non-collapsible Melody hoops (local offering only). In travel hoops, with each rotation the sound pauses briefly and transfers to the other side, sounds like: noise pause, noise pause, giving a trance-like repetitive sound, easy to pair with the breath!


HOH hoop tubing prices begin at 100 psi, add $5 for 160, add $10 for 200 psi.

*Non-collapsible hoops are $10 less (local offering only)


~Shells internal weight is light

(Total hoop weight is approx 1-2lbs lbs-depends on size & PSI),

*Add $5 to each size & weight increase.


You will choose your:

1. Grip tape color: select 1 

2. PSI, 100, 160, 200 lightest to heaviest *approx weight-depend on size & added musical ingredient


160=1.5-2 lbs

200=2-2.5 lbs

 (a non-weighted 100psi hoop is .5 to 1lbs depending on size)

If heavier is desired, increase the PSI weight:

160 add $5 , 200 add $10 to original price.

*If a 3 or 4 lbs hoop is desired, Contact us for a custom order.

3. Size

Price for small travel hoop starting @ $50

Sizes increase by 2" add $5 each additional size: 

Medium 36", Large 38", XL 40", XXL 42", 3XL 44", 4XL 46", 5XL 48"

OD=Measurement is from Outter Diameter

*The size of your hoop can varry an inch when measuring near push button, see product info for special care instructions.


?Unsure about sizing? Our hoops are measured by OD-outter diameter. Visit our Q&A section for more info or book a sizing consult under "OUR OFFERINGS", FREE for members!



Grip Tape Color
PSI Weight (lightest to heaviest)

    -Under a bed

    -Behind the counch

    -Behind the door

    -Hanging on wall

    *Hoop over grass or carpet to avoid tape shredding/scuffing

    CLEANING TAPE: Use a baby wipe, cloth & soap. Be aware some soaps/chemicals will change tape colors. Test a small area first.

    Special Care Instructions: Use the hoop over carpet or soft flooring in order to prevent scuffing/shredding. Store your hoop under the bed, behind the door, couch, or it's favorite, on display for all to see! Our hoops are measured by OD-outter diameter.

    To maintain it's shape do not keep hoop folded for long periods of time. Allow the hoop time to unfold and settle back to it's original shape. If the hoop becomes mishapen or egg shaped, connect the ends together and turn the hoop so the buldge is vertical, gently apply slight pressure & quickly release or slowly bounce the buldge until the shape size becomes balanced. DO NOT BEND THE HOOP IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OR YOU WILL DENT IT. DO NOT PUSH HARD.

    The more you buy, the more you save!

    Check out our Packages under "Our Offerings tab".

    Owning multiple hoops is important as each weight & size offers different benefits! Smaller hoops can be challenging but also exhausting, too big can be not challenging enough, heavier hoops offer additional strenth training options. lighter hoops move faster, larger move slower. Bigger hoops help you master shoulder/arm & leg hooping! Too heavy can feel uncomfortable, too light can fall down quickly. Unsure about size or weight? Go under "Q&A" tab or book a hoop sizing consult!

Melody knows firsthand how important it is to find a physical activity that best meets the needs of your body, mind & spirit. You are not alone on your hoop journey, HOH is here to support you!

Hooptastic, right?!

Get Fit. Have Fun!

with A Toy, A Tool, & Beyond...

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