A happy life, filled with hula hoops,
is a "Hooptastic Life"!

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Greetings Lovely Human! Whatever synchronicities led you to this page, Welcome!

My earth name is Melody & my spiritual name is Prasannagita it means joyful song.

My mission is to remind you how to nourish your spirit, nurture your mind, deeply connect with your emotional body & celebrate your Unique Body Personality (UBP) .  I understand the tribulations of life from a holistic viewpoint that includes a solution-focused perspective. At a young age I was exposed to the spiritual community & alternative methods of health care, which I have been practicing & developing for over 20 years. I hold a Master's of Social Work from the University of Oshkosh & completed one year of somatic training from, the University of Naropa. Past employment includes working with family crisis management & being an Independent Support Specialist for families in the LGBTQIA community & families in the disabled community.

During the Wellness Counseling sessions, you can expect to explore & get to know yourself & love yourself on a deeper level. Sessions use a variety of therapeutic psychosomatic techniques, including self-compassion work, shadow work, guided visual meditations, dance/movement therapy, breathwork, integration 

& more! Each session is unique to each individual to best meet their needs. 

Your successes & light need your love & attention.

just as much as your challenges & shadows do!

After spending over 10 years on a deep self-care journey/experiment to find relief from tremendous chronic pain, it led me to a deeper understanding between the mind, body, & spiritual connection towards healing. I have realized the problem & solution to most of my emotional, mental & physical pain is me...with the help of a self-care toolbox and a strong support system, my life has transformed from severe chronic daily pain to occasional episodes.

In 2015 I discovered the art of hoop dance and instantly became hooked! I made it my mission to become a certified hoop Instructor. This is how I met Mary Pulak, (founder of Hooked on Hooping) and discovered the healing, therapeutic capabilities of the hula hoop! Yes, I got hooked on hooping! Will you?

In 2016 as a Grad school present to myself I landed at the Grand Canyon with a lime green hoop. Little did I know 5X World Hoop Dance Champion, Tony Duncan! He taught me the Native American Meaning of the hoop. His message of balance brought me to tears as it resonated deeply.


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Meet Our Hooptastic Hoopers From First Generation to Second to Third!

Melody met Mary while searching the nation to become a Hula Hoop Instructor.  Back then, finding a teacher who Certifies Instructors was like finding a needle in a haystack. HOH offers monthly zoom/in-person teacher trainings so you don't have to search anymore! Mary happened to live in Green Bay Wisconsin, only a few towns away from Melody! Mary used to teach physical fitness at a Green Bay Middle school.  Mary saw the health benefits associated with a hoop workout, the kids were more active at recess and she created the HOOPS4KIDS Community Health Initiative to encourage more physical activity & lessen obesity rates in children.

HOOPS4KIDS now known as #HOOPS4HEALTH has since expanded to encouraging movement in adults at the workplace! This beginner group workshop (hoops provided) is a fun, interactive event that when paired with a bulk order (10 to 60 hoops), HOH offers a hefty discount!

If you would like HOH to come to your school or workplace, contact us for a quote!

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Founder, Retired
Certified Hoop Instructor
Hoop Maker

Creator of HOOPS4KIDS
Creator of the HOH Beginner DVD (1st Gen)
Conducted the Nation's first scientific research study on a hula hoop workout.
Results are published & supported by ACE.

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Certified Hoop Instructor
Hoop Maker
LED/Fire/Lyra Hoop Entertainer

Creator of #HOOPS4HEALTH
Inventor of "Chair/seated Hooping" a gentle flow for all abilities!
Inventor of "Hoopalini" a slow-flow meditative class combining aspects of Kundalini Yoga.

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Hooping since age 4
Hoop Maker
Hoop Entertainer
Future Owner?

Elayna has been hula hooping since age 4! She is proud to win all the "hoop challenges" at her school! Her favorite hoop move is going onto her knees and coming back up without the hoop dropping. She loves training dogs to jump through the hoop!

After taking over HOH, Melody moved to Colorado in 2017 where she now offers live LED/Fire hoop entertainment, beginner workshops for schools, companies, & community events, teaches weekly classes & teacher certifications.