Welcome "hooptastic" hooper or future one!
Get Fit & Have Fun! With A Toy,
A Therapeutic Tool, & Beyond...

Did you know?

Most adults need a 2 to 5 lbs. hoop to be successful. We are the only handmade internally weighted hoop maker in the Nation!

You wouldn't feel comfortable on a kids bicycle if you’re a grown up. Same goes for hoops! Weighted hoops are like training wheels, eventually you advance to lighter & smaller hoop sizes.

Did you know?

Hooping is a full-body workout & has been scientifically proven to be an effective exercise, we know because we conducted the Nation's FIRST research study! (Learn more below under "Our Research").

  • Strengthen your core & minimize back pain

  • Improve your posture & balance

  • Use the hoop standing, seated, or laying down!

  • Learn body awareness & breath connectivity

  • Ground into your center of power

  • Expand your heart

  • Discover your reset button

  • Connect to your inner playfulness

  • Find your unique flow & rhythm

  • Create a fun self-care routine

  • Balance your body, mind, emotions & spirit

  • Reclaim your confidence 

  • Feel alive & free

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Hooked on Hooping (HOH)
Get Fit-Have Fun With A Toy, A Tool, & Beyond...

The Journey to Self-Care is Yours!

HOH specializes in teaching holistic hoop fitness for improved physical & mental health wellness.

Melody is a certified hula hoop instructor/hoop maker/

entertainer/hoop teacher trainer & hoop fitness coach who holds a Master's degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Body-Centered therapy. She supports client's with how to create self-care routines, achieve their life goals, recover from ptsd, trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, & depression. She impressively combines her education, work experience with autistic/disabled families, & personal journey to teach the benefits of a self-care routine using the hula hoop!



 Our hub is based out of Longmont CO.

Serving Longmont & surrounding areas year-round.

Serving NE Wisconsin & Illinois part-time over summer & winter months.

 *Contact us for WI dates & bookings.

Available for retreat collaborrations/hire us for your event/ will travel to other locations-contact us.

Local Longmont Hoop Rentals available.

Free local deliveries & free shipping over $50.


Seated "chair hooping" is excellent for anyone experiencing chronic pain, or is looking for a gentle flow.

"Hoopalini" is another slow flow class that combines breathwork, visual mediations, mantras & aspect of kundalini yoga while using the hula hoop!


#HOOPS4HEALTH is our community health initiative to encourage more movement with children in schools & in the workplace.  Hooping increases sself-essteem & confidence which improves social interationsss with peers

#HOOPSS4HUMANS is our annonymous sscholarsship program. Every month we award partial & full scholarshipss to individualss, families & schools. Sign up or Donate today!​


Take our challenge & loose 1 to 4+ inches in 3 to 6 weeks!

Beginner Hoopers- try our 3 to 6 week challenge DIY free or with 1:1 zoom coaching!

Advanced Hoopers- try our 20/20 challenge DIY free or with 1:1 zoom coaching!

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Welcome to the "HOOPTASTIC"World of Hooping!

Hooked on Hooping (HOH) has been serving & educating communities, teaching hula hoop safety, beginner tips, hoop fitness, dance & tricks since 2008. 

Hooping offers a plethora of health & wellness benefits, unique to each hooper!

HOH is proud to have conducted the FIRST scientific research study on the health benefits of an on-body/waist fitness routine. The results from this 2010 study are approved by The American Council of Exercise, published in the ACE journal, & featured in Women's Health Magazine!

Hooping benefits extend far beyond the body and is why I am eager to share the beauty of this technique with others. Hooping is a fun workout that does not feel like exercise!

This transformative activity improves physical & mental health wellness. It helps the body feel energized while relaxing the mind & soothing the soul. Reconnect to your body, improve core strength, posture, balance, a quieter mind & more....the opportunities are endless!

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ACE Journal Hoop Article