Our Research 

Hooked on Hooping is proud to have conducted the FIRST scientific study

on the health benefits of a hula hoop workout, using our very own MOON HOOP & Beginner DVD (1st Gen)!


In 2010 we paired with an incredible team of Doctors, Scientists, & Health Professionals to provide substantial, reliable, data on hula hoop fitness.

The results are published &  ACE Approved!

(American Council of Education)

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Scientific Evidence

# 1 in Scientific Hula Hoop Fitness Research

The Hoop Workout Fitness Study

Published in the American Council of Exercise Journal, 

Supported by ACE 

Featured in Women's Health Magazine

13 Reasons to Hoop!

 1. You choose your level of intensity!

 2. Burns 8-15 calories per minute

 3. Improves posture & balance

 4. Minimizes back pain & stiffness

 5. A full-body, mindfulness based work-out.

 6. Slims the waistline & strengthens the core.

 7. Hoop in seated, standing or laying down positions     

 8.  Repetitive movements relax the mind & relieves stress    * (we all need that!)

 9. Hooping is an intimate, sensual, self-loving, empowering experience, that increases body-image confidence, & builds self-esteem as you discover your flow & signature moves.

 10. Get's you re-acquainted with your playful inner child.

 11. Jam out with your favorite tunes

 12.  Fun to do alone or with family, friends & even strangers!
 13. Creates natural boundaries for social distancing


Melody knows firsthand how important it is to find a physical activity that best meets the needs of your body, mind & spirit. You are not alone on your hoop journey, HOH is here to support you!

Hooptastic, right?!

Get Fit. Have Fun!

with A Toy, A Tool, & Beyond...