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#1 in sound/sensory/meditation hoops

#1 in mini hand fitness hoops

FOUR different WEIGHTED hoops




Fitness Classes

Longmont CO

Rec Center Memorial Building

Sept & Oct Outside on grass

Sundays @ 2pm

(ages 9+ ok with adult)



Private Lessons

Hoop Accountability Coaching

Fitness Hoop Fittings & Consultations with Expert

#1 in Hoop Fitness Safety & Hoop History Education

Classes & Workshops online

(fitness, dance, tricks, meditation, family fun)

Make your own Hoop Workshop

Birthday Parties/ Family Reunions

Community events-Available for Hire

Professional Trick Hoop Entertainment

Glow-in-the dark hooping

Fire Hooping Coming Soon!

Hoop Instructor Teacher Certification

Next Session-October



Monthly Hoop Giveaways!

Annonymous Scholarship Program



Hoop Consultations!

Determine your UBP

size, sound & weight

 (Unique Body Personality)


HOH handmade hoops are made with the highest quality tapes & more durable than the traditional hoops. 

HOH offers FIVE different categories of Fitness Hoops

MOON HOOPS = Fitness & Dance (Heavy) 

MOVEMENT HOOPS = Fitness & Dance (Medium)

MELODY HOOPS = Sound (Light to Medium)

STAR MINI HOOPS = Hands/Arms/Shoulders (Set of two)

HALO HOOPS = Trick (Lightest & Thinnest)

Beginner DVD/USB  ACE supported!

(American Council on Exercise)



Typically range from 1 to 4 hours depending on the event, group sizes, routines desires, and material covered

Beginner DVD/USB



Our DVD was used in the FIRST scientific study of weighted hoop exercise


Our Materials

Demo Tape versus

Deco Tape


What Size, Sound, Weight Hoop is Right for You?

Receive EXPERT advice

By Appointment Only


Hooping reacquaints you with your inner child play, and reconnects you with your

body, mind, and spirit.


Melody's transformational hoop workout!


She combines aspects of Kundalini Yoga with the Hula Hoop for a mindful workout that feels like a mental reset button & a deep cleansing, clearing & scrub for your soul.





Empower your full body, mind & spirit. Workshops include seated, standing & laying down hoop exercises, choreographed fitness routines, hoop meditation for anxiety, depression & chronic pain. 


As someone who understands how important having a support system is, Melody Prasannagita offers hoop fitness accountability coaching, private hoop fittings & lessons, various hoop workshops, teacher certification trainings, psychosomatic wellness counseling, mindfulness & wellness coaching, didgeridoo sound baths & more!


Contact Us:



Melody Prassanagita, MSW

Body-Centered Therapy

Restorative Didgeridoo Sound Baths

Certified Hoop Instructor

Phone: 720-487-8457
Email: hoopdealer@gmail.com




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"If my hoop is not allowed I'm not going!" 



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Hooked on Hooping LLC

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