"If I cant bring my hoop,

 I'm not going."

-Human Melody

Whatever synchronous situations have led you to this webpage, I am grateful and excited to be part of your powerful & magical hoop journey, if you allow me to.

I am not a hippy, I am a human. I am a hooper.  I am happy.  Therefore, I am a happy, hooping, human. I am HOOPY.

It is an honor to meet you. I appreciate you.


As Peter Pan would say, " Think of a HAPPY thought."

"Hooping" is my HAPPY thought.

I immensely dislike exercise. Hooping is my fitness superpower!

Do you have a superpower like mine, that keeps you healthy, happy and peaceful?

I'd love to hear about it!


At age 12 I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis the "invisible disability" I like to call it. I performed physical therapy exercises daily & wore a full body-shell-back brace during the day & while I slept.  After three years with no success. I was 15 with a now severe 64 degree S-shaped curvature. In 2000, Herrington rods were surgically placed from T1 to L1. Post surgery, now at a 32 degree curvature, intense levels of daily pain continued for two years. A second surgery removing 1/2 inch of the lower left rod which had protruded into muscle was conducted. Within that time, it had been discovered the culprit was I had unexpectedly grown two inches! One year later a perforated ulcer between my stomach & esophagus resulted in another major surgery.

I continue to suffer from gut issues & chronic pain to this day.

In 2010 my upper body began twisting again. A second rod, mid-upper right side was and still is protruding from my back, interfering with muscle, & at the time created sharp pain with every single breath.

Every morning I did not know what pain level I was going to wake up to but it was usually a 6 to 9 daily, causing tremendous insomnia & severe anxiety, including panic attacks & deep depression. 

Over the years, multiple doctors seen, & too many invasive tests conducted, with no simple answers since my spine & rods had fused together. The rod location was extremely difficult to reach. My surgeon strongly opposed the operation & urged me to research non-traditional methods to ease my pain.


I did exactly this.




The spine is our body's foundational structure and when it is out of alignment, other parts of the body begin to compensate.

As a chronic pain sufferer of neck, back, hip, knee & shoulder pain, over 20 years & after exhausting my resources with traditional fitness exercises, I began to loose hope and was on the verge of another spinal surgery.


Traditional forms of exercise were hurting my body more.

Unfortunately my journey led me to first discovering what did NOT work for my body such as running, zumba, weight lifting & MOST forms of yoga.

Here are the following experiences my body responded well to:

Rolphing>Egoscue Method>Thai Chi>Qigong>Seated & Walking Meditation>

Arial Yoga>AcroYoga> 

Ecstatic dance>Meditation>Mindfulness

Addressing childhood & adulthood traumas

Somatic body-centered psychotherapy

Yin Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Yoni Steams

Emotional & Spiritual guidance from Auntie Kareana & Guru Steven Sadler

Kundalini>...AND...you guessed it,


Today with a rod still currently protruding from my upper back, I understand the importance of daily fitness maintainance in order for my body to feel good.  I needed a low impact movement that motivated me in a fun way to stretch my arms and legs, and strengthen my core.  The hoop delivered this and so much more in a fun challenging way!

Now every day I check in with my body throughout the day, make adjustments as needed in order to feel comfortable & pain free. Having body awareness is a MUST in order for us to maintain fitness of our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies!

My Mission is to create a community of


Happy humans who love hula hooping together as a hoop community.


"The hoop teaches us many things,
primarily having respect for all of life and life’s creations.
It teaches us about the different cycles of life, the changing seasons upon Mother Earth, as well as the seasons of our own lives.
All of life dances in a circle and we’re all connected.
It’s a very exciting yet spiritual dance, there's nothing else like it."  -Tony Duncan, Interview 2012
More Native American Hooping Resources


“You are more beautiful, powerful, and capable than you think”~Amber Lily




I Heal Me. You Heal You. We Heal US.

May you be happy.May you be healthy.May you be peaceful.

Sat Nam.




Melody's Early Hoop Journey

"Since my spine is rodded from T1 to L1, most traditional forms of physical therapy & exercise exhaust me or hurt my body more.

Discovering the hula hoop changed my life!


It was exactly the low-impact, FULL-BODY enjoyable workout my body ached for.

It helped me reconnect with my daughter while deepening my confidence as a single mom.


 I began to experience a reduction in my anxiety attacks, & felt tremendous relief from chronic scoliosis pain.

In 2016 I graduated from grad school & planned a trip to congratulate myself.

I was still at the beginning of experiencing the full magical powers of the hoop.

My best friend & I unexpectedly had last minute travel changes & ended up in Vegas.  Before leaving Wisconsin I had a strong desire to bring my hoop along, not understanding why or what, I trusted my intuition.

While visiting the Grand Canyon, I unexpectedly collided with Tony Duncan, five time Hoop Dance World Champion. I was beyond honored to accept his invitation to dance with him, nothing was rehearsed.

I asked him to play music with fun beats & he delivered! Our transitions flowed smoother than a river into an ocean. It was a synchronized moment, an experience I will hold dear to my heart forever.

The best part was after we danced, when he told me about the traditional interpretations & meaning of the hoop according to his tribe.

I don't recall exact words.

 I do remember immediately bursting into tears after he said "the hoop represents balance".

I heard the word repeat in my head, "BALANCE",

I felt his words to my core.

 I had struggled with years of alcohol & drug abuse and after the hoop came into my life there was an immediate shift.

Alcohol & hooping doesn't mix well together for me, it was exactly the sort of activity I was looking for to keep my mind off the pain from scoliosis & keep me sober & sane.

From day one,

The hoop has brought be more balance, grounding, freedom, and abundance than I could have ever imagined.

Based on my unique hoop journey & educational background, I believe the hoop is a therapeutic tool.

Hoop fitness is a TRANSFORMATIVE physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual dance, one where you decide to put yourself first.

The hoop & your body become one, both leading & following together.

As a social worker, body-centered psychosomatic counselor, & accountability coach, my FIRST client was & always will be MYSELF.

My mission is to encourage others to connect with their bodies & discover what brings them optimal health.

May you be empowered & inspired by the joys & magical opportunities hooping can bring into your life!

In Kindness, 

Miss Melody Prassanagita, MSW

Body-Centered Psychosomatic Counseling

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

Disability & Behavioral Specialist

Certified Hula Hoop Fitness Instructor

Didgeridoo/Singing Bowl Sound Baths

Intuitive Essential Oil Readings


2016 found a diverse spiritual comminity in North Carolina at a Festival called Kinnection, during a hula hoop "duckduckgo" engine search

Bought my first Poly Pro at the Renaissance Festival in Kenosha

2017 Decided to become an instructor

Searched for days to find a program near me live, not online. No one was offering teacher hoop trainings.

Summer-While working as a youth behavior specialist, I was walking with a kiddo around market & was filled with joy when I saw the hoops! Here is where I Met Mary at the Appleton Farmers Market. She certified me through Hooked On Hooping LLC

Hula hoops for my internship retreat....

Summer-While working as a youth behavior specialist, I was walking with a kiddo around market & was filled with joy when I saw the hoops! Here is where I Met Mary at the Appleton Farmers Market. She certified me through Hooked On Hooping LLC
Winter- She offered me her business.

Stated, given my background woring with children I was the special sort of perrson she had been looking for to pass down her business to.









MAY- Grandfather's death my depression worsened & panic attacks increased. I was unable to shop in the grocery store.

My chronic pain worsened.


2018 Moved to Colorado

Depression improved, hoop practice increased, found Kundalini Yoga at Raj Studio in Boulder. Kundalini + hooping changed my life!

I learned to become soft & still.

I Feel the hoop speak to me,

hold me,

comfort me. 

I learned to surrender.

I learned to struggle in each new trick & rejoice in every success.

May you too, find your sparkl


HOH hoops are made with a ton of love from strong, kind, humans. Please do not hide your hoop under your bed or behind a door, at least not all of the hoop...they enjoy being out in the open.  They enjoy being seen, especially the deco's! They enjoy being heard, especially the Melody Hoops TM

They enjoy being danced with. Especially the Movement Hoops! They enjoy being meditated with, all of them! Just think of it, maybe the way you nourish the hoop is a resemblance in how you nourish yourself.


My Favorite parts about the hooping industry

Everyone has had their own unique Hooptastic  Journey. Hooping is my calling.


We have all met fellow hoopers along the way and have made hoops for our loved one's.  We try to create hoop tribes wherever we go. We aren't ashamed to carry around our hoop.


The non-collapsible hoops act as a protective boundary barrier when worn clipped to the top middle ring on a backpack! (Like a turtles shell)


Hoop companies & hoopers have all had different trainings, experiences, education, limitations, challenges, & we each add our own unique flavor to the hooping community.

As hoop companies, we have all created & participated in the community, successfully, in very different ways using hula hoops!


Some of us, live far way like hoopmonsters in Florida, others live next door to me in Boulder like Hoopnotica. As an instructor, I encourage my students to try different instructors & hoop styles to find your own hoop guru!

We all carry different hoops & services!

We mostly have the same language collectively for tricks & hoop terms, however the term "weighted" is used incorrectly a lot.


HOH has its own "Hoop Language". 

Read more under section HOH Q & A click here.


Something I believe we each have in common is we all have endured a life-challenge or found healing modalities for our deepest traumas. We have also FELT, SEEN, & EXPERIENCED the magical powers of the hula hoop & the blessings it brings us, by connecting us to each other!



Simply put, a HOOPY TM is a happy hooping human.  Hoopy's believe everyone has the right to make choices about their bodies & boundaries.


We are a hoop tribe sent to TRANSFORM the world

A community. 

We share love, joy & peace. We share tips & tricks, we support each other, we pick up each others fallen hoops & run after the runaway hoops, we bring extra hoops for the children & grown ups wherever we go!

Hooping is exciting, a never-ending dance of laughter & tears. 

Hooping can be used when your angry, sad, happy, anxious, depressed, scared, lonely, bored, disconnected, #HOHhoopsgotyourback

And please share your hoop with your friend& family, Check out the HOH friends package called GEMINI and the HOH family packages called OHANA

The hoop helped me surrender to my chronic pain, acknowledge my body, honor my limitations, create space for myself, create comfort for myself, build my confidence, strengthen my core, strengthen my breath & my emotional body, melt into my voice, embrace my body & trust in myself.

Hooked On Hooping Is Proud to Offer Hoop Instructor Certification classes every month!

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"Hooping is my happy thought"


"If my hoop is not allowed I'm not going!" ~Human Melody

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