Classes for a Company:  Invite us to your company/agency for a professional, knowledgeable and fun engaging fitness class. Hooked on Hooping staff will provide hoops on site. Classes run from 1-3 hours depending on what the group would like to learn. Classes of 10+ individuals covering just the basics and a fulfilling workout will  run at minimum 1 hour. 

 What will be covered in basic class is as follows:

-Instructor Introduction
-Brief hoop history

-Hoop benefits

-Intro to the types of hooping. 
-Hoop dancing demos (Fitness and Artistic Style)

-Safety precautions


-Weighted vs. non-weighted/Bigger vs. smaller

-How to choose your hoop

-Group instructions Do's and Don'ts

-Give it a try!

-3 ways to keep the hoop moving

-Practice (5 min)

-Warm-up/stretches with the hoop

-An incredible hoop workout that everyone can participate in, with or without the hoop! Broken up into three segments: Arms/Legs/Combination

-Cool down


-Lessons on several tricks from demo (optional)

-Around the body passes and tosses (optional)

-How to put tricks together to create a dance flow (optional)

-Various non-waist hooping techniques (optional)

-Hand/Arm/Elbow hooping (optional)

**Our goal is to have everyone hooping in under 15 minutes and we want every individual to leave the class feeling confident and succeed with mastering one  or more new techniques.

Please note: Prices vary from one company/agency to the next.  The costs below are not set in stone, meerly an estimate...We will do our best to work with your budget!!!


Group of 10-20:

First Hour $100-200 ($10 per/person)

Second hour $75/ $37.50 half hour

Third Hour $50/ $25 half hour

Group of 20 to 30:

First Hour $200-300 ($10 per/person)

Second hour $75/ $37.50 half hour

Third Hour $50/ $25 half hou

Group of 30 or more:

Contact us for an exact quote 

(Additional travel fees may be applied depending on company location) 

***All hosts will recieve one discount of their choice!***

Select from:

$5.00 off our Hooked on Hooping Fitness DVD.

$5.00 off youth energy Hula Hoop

$10.00 off adult weighted hoop

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