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Our hoops are not Polypro or hdp (although we love them) HOH uses polyethylene tubing:

3 Exercise (on-body/waist) Hoop Categories:

These hoops use 3/4 inch tubing

Choose from 100, 160, 200 PSI (lightest to heaviest)

MOON-added internal or external/both weight that is evenly distributed + no sound.

*Best for beginners & larger body types

MELODY-added internal unevenly distributed weight + sound for a meditative/sensory experience!

Rice & shells-lighter weight

Beans & water-heavier weight

MOVEMENT-no added weight, no sound. *Best for beginners & thinner or sensitive body types.

PRO TIP: Average Adult body types generally use 160 or 200 PSI.

Active kids use 100 & 160 PSI.

Children with larger body types tend to be more successful with a 200PSI hoop.

Q: How do I measure/choose my hoop size/weight/sound?

A: The hoop you choose depends on several factors.

First, what do you intend to use it for? Dance, tricks, fitness, on-body, off-body, slow flow, fast flow, or all the above!

Second, choosing your hoop also depends on your "Unique Body Personality", HOH carries sizes XS to 5XL weighing .5 to 4lbs (depending on size and weight selected). Most adults need a 2 to 5 lbs hoop in order to be successful! Hooping is like riding a bike & having the right sized hoop for your body is key!

Larger body types tend to need a 2 to 5 lbs hoop but with heavier hoops, the risks of bruising & soreness increase.

***With proper instruction you can avoid hoop injury and use heavier hoops. 

PRO TIP: Bruising & soreness can occur with the lightest thinnest hoop. Hitting any body part repeatedly can create this which is why it is important to listen to your body, start slow for short time-frames, alternate body parts, rotate in different directions, take a few days off in between. Proper fitness attire helps too, wearing knee high boots will protect shins & ankles, closed toed shoes, all of this will help!

*PRO TIP: The larger your hoop, the slower it moves. Smaller & lighter means faster & more challenging. Bigger & heavier is not always better!

If you have a thinner body type, are a child, or sensitive to bruising, using a 100 or 160 PSI MOVEMENT hoop or MELODY hoop in shells or rice is recommended.

Bigger & heavier hoops such as our weighted MOON hoops (100, 160, & 200 PSI) or heavier 200PSI (no added weight) MOVEMENT hoop, or the MELODY hoop in water or beans is recommended for beginners & larger body types.

Example: Personally, at 5'5 height, thin body type, sensitive body easily bruise, I use a 3/4 inch thick tubing at 200PSI, 36" MOVEMENT dance hoop (no added weight but the 200 PSI at 36" weighs approx 1.5 lbs).

This hoop is light enough to perform my tricks while heavy enough in allowing me to on-body waist hoop for longer periods of time without becoming exhausted. I also own a small 5/8 inch tubing 28" trick hoop for faster flow days.

*PRO TIP: Most hula hoopers own multiple hoops in various sizes & weights as each serve a different purpose. Just like you, your hula hoop has a unique personality!

*This is why HOH offers multiple hoops discount packages for serious hoopers! "Hooptatic" right?!

 Unsure where to start? Book a hoop sizing/fitting consult with hoop expert Melody today!