TEN Reasons to Hoop!

 1.  FULL body work-out.

 2.  Burns 8-10 calories per minute).

 3.  Whittles the waistline & strengthens the core.

 4.  Relieves stress (We all need that!)

 5.  A sensual, self-loving, empowering experience, increasing confidence, self-esteem.

 6.  Get's you re-acquainted with playing and having              fun.

 7.  Improves balance and posture.

 8.  You can get your groove on with our favorite tune. 9.  Fun to do with family, friends & even strangers!



"Hooping" is the hottest fitness trend sweeping across the globe. People all over the world are discovering its incredible POWER!


This fun, low-impact, FULL-BODY energizing, yet relaxing workout, burns 100 calories every 10 minutes on average. That's 600 calories/HR!


Hooping provides a stress reducing experience. It doesn't FEEL like exercise so you can't help but smile!



Hooping reacquaints you with your inner child play, and reconnects you with your

body, mind, and spirit.

Try Melody's transformational hoop workouts


She combines aspects of Kundalini Yoga with the Hula Hoop for a  mindful workout that feels like a deep grounding for your body, clearing for your mind & cleansing for your soul.





HOH handmade Hoops are higher quality & more durable than the traditional hoops. 

HOH offers FIVE different categories of Fitness Hoops

MOON HOOPS = Fitness (Weighted) 3/4inch.

MOVEMENT HOOPS = Fitness & Dance (Light)

MELODY HOOPS = Sound (Sensory)

STAR MINI HOOPS = Hands/Arms/Shoulders

HALO HOOPS = Trick (lightest & thinnest)


Hoop Consultations!

Determine your UBP

size, sound & weight

 (Unique Body Personality)



the correct sized hoop &

proper instruction

you can achieve a successful

FULL-BODY workout.













THE RESEARCH SHOWS: Hooping is an amazing work-out that burns 8-12 calories, leaves you energized and reduces stress and we even conducted the research to back-up this statement!


As a fitness professional , Mary Pulak (founder & previous owner of HOH) felt it was important to show empirical research that documented hooping as a legitimate form of exercise.  We engaged the services of a research team led by Dr. John Pocarri- professor of exercise and physiology from the University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse.  The goal was to determine the caloric expenditure and relative exercise intensity during a hooping exercise session.


 The study with its complete results was published in the American Council of Exercise Journal.

To read full report, click here.


  • Burns 8-12 calories per minute

  • Whittles the waistline

  • Strengthens core muscles

  • It's a total body work-out


Did you know?

Hooked on Hooping's 2010 research study using a team of professionals &

HOH beginner workout dvd (shown left)

found on average,

hooping burns 600 calories an hour? 

The findings are ACE-supported.


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