5 Hoop Categories:

  • MOON-weighted internally, externally or both

    • (evenly distributed weight, no sound, no water)​

  • MELODY-3/4 inch, musical & sensory

    • (rice, shells, water, beans)​

  • MOVEMENT 3/4 inch, traditional "heavy",

    • no added weight or sound.

  • HALO-5/8 inch, light trickster hoop

  • STAR MINI's-3/4 inch, hand hoops

    • ​(added weight or sound-optional)

*Tubing weights choose from:

100, 160, 200 PSI (lightest to heaviest)

 5 Tape Categories:

DEMO-Sporty: our most durable, white + colorful grip tape

DECO-Posh: our fancy decorative to add sparkle & shine + grip

DIZZY-Scary: our decorative VIP Collection + grip (up to 3 colors)

FIRE-Ginger: our flaming red/blue/black multi-color tape perfect for your fitness fire hoop!

*Wicks sold separately/Fire Fitness Beginner Tutorial available for purchase, coming soon!

Our Hoops




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magical vibes & endless circles of LOVE.


Feeling unsure about choosing your hoop weight, size, color, sound or scent? Discover your Unique Body Personality!  Melody is here to help!

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Using a "weighted" MOON hoop during research study

Hooked on Hooping hoops are truly one of a kind!

  • MOST of our hoops are heavier or include additional added weight

to allow a relaxed, exercise momentum without exhausting yourself!

  • HOH is proud to be one of the only handmade,  1 to 4 lbs "weighted" & "musical" hoop makers. Check out your favorite hoop category in a collapsible travel hoop!

*Pro tip: Most hoops sold online are NOT weighted, just "heavier".

The  3/4inch, 160 PSI hoops, are what we call, a non-weighted, traditional MOVEMENT hoop.

Choosing Your Hoop

  • The hoop you choose depends on what you intend to use it for, what you want to learn, and how your Unique Body Personality (UBP) responds.

  • Your body shape & skin sensitivities are a key factor in selecting your hoop. Some bodies bruise extremely easy and this is why proper instructions are important.

  • Owning hoops in various sizes, weights & sounds will expand your hooping experience, challenge you, & help your skills advance in different ways. "HOOPTASTIC", right?!

* Each hoop holds its own unique personality too! 

*Exact weight will depend on size, sound & PSI chosen


​​MOON (3/4in)= Weighted Exercise Hoop

This weighted hoop is exclusive to HOH & truly one of a kind!

Includes evenly distributed ADDED weight either externally, internally or both.

No Sound. No Water.

Primary uses: stretching & on-body waist exercise, dance, meditation.

Effective for weight loss, toning, & core strengthening.


Aprox. weight 1.5-4 lbs>Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced>Intended f& recommended for adults.

Youth & children need to be monitored closely to avoid injury.

$40 and up

MOVEMENT HOOPS (3/4in) = Traditional Exercise Hoop

This heavier hoop is commonly referred to as "weighted" although no extra added weight is actually being inserted. 

No Sound. No added weight.

Primary Uses: stretching & on-body waist exercise, dance, meditation & tricks.  Also great for hands, arms & legs.

Effective for weight loss, waist slimming, & core strengthening.

Aprox. weight 1-2 lbs> Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced>For seniors, adults, teens, children.

Adults $30 & up, Kids $15 & up

MELODY HOOPS (3/4in) = Musical Exercise Hoop. 

For those who enjoy more of a sensory and meditative experience.

Includes Noise. choose from:  rice & shells (lighter),  water, beans (heavier).

Primary Uses: stretching & on-body waist exercise, dance, meditation & tricks.

Effective for weight loss, waist slimming & core strengthening.


Aprox. weight 1-3 lbs> Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced>For seniors, adults, teens, children

Weight depends on sound preference & quantity.

$40 & up, Kids $25 & up


STAR MINI HOOPS (3/4in) = Hand Hoops

Our Smallest Handheld Hoop (Set of Two)

These mini's are designed to keep the hands, elbows, arms & shoulders busy during your waist workout!

An excellent addition to your Moon, Melody or Movement Hoop.

Primary Use: Hand hoops are available with or without sound or weight.

Allow our weighted star mini's to compliment your waist workout with upper body strength building!

One size

$30 for pair

HALO HOOPS (5/8in) = Trick Hoop

Our thinnest and lightest hoop. 

Used for off-body & on-body exercise, stretching, dance, meditation & tricks, hands, arms & legs.

Intermediate, Advanced level on-body. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced off-body

Sizes 26", 28", 30", 32", 34"

$25 and up

5 Hoop Categories

Melody knows firsthand how important it is to find a physical activity that best meets the needs of your body, mind & spirit. You are not alone on your hoop journey, HOH is here to support you!

Hooptastic, right?!

Get Fit. Have Fun!

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