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HOH specializes in hula hoop fitness

for physical exercise & holistic

mental health. 

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Hooked on Hooping (HOH) specializes in providing group services & handmade hoop making, weighted & musical hoops, hand mini hoops  & trick hoops, bulk order hoops for  schools & businesses. We educate communities on hoop safety, weighted versus non-weighted, & teach several different holistic hoop fitness classes for physical exercise & mental health wellness. Our comprehensive services are backed with over ten years of experience & scientific research.

Why is HOH Unique?

  • First, we offer bulk orders at a discount to encourage healthier communities.

  • Second, HOH is proud to be the first LLC to conduct scientific research on the health benefits of a hoop workout

  • Third, we are virtually the ONLY handmade hoop-maker selling musical & weighted travel hoops!

  • Shop under MOON & MELODY hoops.


Beginner Hoop Fitting Consults,
1:1 Fitness Training, Challenges,
Beginner & Advanced Workshops,
LED & FIRE Entertainment, Birthday Parties,  & more...

HIRE US! In person or via zoom

  • Bulk Orders 10 to 60

              schools, companies, communities

  • Make Your Own Hoop

                   Longmont, local offering only

  • Monthly Hoop Rentals

                  Longmont, local offering only

  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Take a Class online with a rental hoop!


Melody has taught seated hooping exercises for developmentally delayed adults at the Cerebral Palsy Center in Kimberly, Wisconsin

My buddy Kristy has NATURAL hoop skills, all self-taught!

ABOUT MEL        Learn More

For over ten years, Melody has worked

with LGBTQ identifying children & families with Asperger's, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, ADHD, TBI, FAS, blindness, severe trauma & more.  The repetitive movement of waist hooping relaxes the mind & can be extremely self soothing


"I will never forget the immense joy & deep purpose felt the first time I taught hand hooping to a child

in a wheelchair".-Mel



Melody knows firsthand how important it is to find a physical activity that best meets the needs of your body, mind & spirit. You are not alone on your hoop journey, HOH is here to support you!

Hooptastic, right?!

Get Fit. Have Fun!

with A Toy, A Tool, & Beyond...

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"Peter Pan needed a happy thought in order to fly...

Hooping is my HAPPY thought, because it makes my mind happy, my body feel alive, & my soul soar!"